Section 1


Most economics graduate programs in the U.S. are designed as Ph.D. programs. The students in these programs typically receive a master’s degree as well, but they do so either after successfully completing the first part of their Ph.D. program or on their way out if they do not pass the Ph.D. preliminary examinations. The MSPE Program is designed entirely differently to serve the needs of three diverse groups of students.

The first two groups are new college graduates who will acquire:

  • The necessary background in economics, statistics, and mathematics to gain admission to Ph.D. programs in economics and related fields at the University of Illinois or elsewhere. (See Ph.D. & Ph.D. track section.)
  • Specialization in different areas of economics, combined with expertise in empirical methods, to qualify for jobs that require additional training beyond an undergraduate degree but not at the Ph.D. level.

The third group of students consists of promising young administrators in governments and private institutions who will acquire:

  • Additional training and specialization in economics and quantitative methods to help promote their careers.