Section 1


The MSPE Program was founded in 1984. In recent years, a number of other top-rated economics departments have also established terminal master’s programs that are not an integral part of their Ph.D. program. This is good news for students who can now search and find a program that best suits their purposes.

The many distinctive features of the MSPE Program include:

  • Flexibility to complete the program in one year, one and a half years, or two years (depending on the students' educational backgrounds and proficiency in English).
  • Extensive menu of courses to choose from in order to complete the program.
  • Ability to customize one's program of study to fit one's needs and revise it on a per semester basis.
  • Currently offering twelve areas of specialization. (See Courses Offered section.)
  • The department's most distinguished and talented faculty members are chosen to teach the MSPE courses.
  • All MSPE classes run for 4 hours a week (as opposed to customary 3 hours elsewhere).
  • An intensive math course offered as part of the orientation program.
  • Offering Ph.D. level courses as substitutes for certain master's level courses.
  • A specially designed "Ph.D. track" within the MSPE Program that allows the more advanced students to automatically transfer to our economics Ph.D. program after a year. (See Ph.D. & Ph.D. Track section.)
  • Having "Ph.D. track" students take Ph.D. level courses in their second-year of study in the MSPE Program to enable them to reduce the time necessary to complete the Ph.D. program by one year. (See Ph.D. & Ph.D. Track section.)
  • STEM Program designation allows MSPE graduates to request three years of Optional Practical Training. For more information on the OPT STEM, visit the International Student and Scholar Services website.
  • A devoted academic advisor, with an open-door policy, and three assistants provide personal academic counseling and tutorials to guide students academically.
  • Offering various enrichment activities, including field trips, seminars, and social events beyond the course curriculum.
  • Devoted and friendly MSPE staff help students settle into Illinois and are always available to attend to students' needs.
  • Many distinguished alumni compromised of government ministers (including finance ministers), vice ministers, central bank governors and deputy governors, directors, department heads, and senior economists in government and the private sector, university professors, entrepreneurs, etc.
  • The wealth of resources of the university.