Section 1

Field Trips

MSPE students can participate in six trips each academic year to observe the operation of various financial institutions, modern industrial production facilities, federal and state government agencies, and international institutions. One of these trips is a five-day trip that occurs over spring break and alternates between Washington, DC and New York City. The other five trips are one to two days in duration to cities located in the Midwest.

The MSPE Program provides group transportation (typically charter buses and airline flights for the spring break trips), hotel accommodations, and a modest meal allowance for the students. Space permitting, a student’s immediate family member(s) may participate in a trip; the associated costs are paid by the student.

Students will receive an online questionnaire for each field trip to indicate whether or not they wish to participate. If a student commits to a field trip, they are required to attend any associated presentation.

When attending a field trip presentation, business professional attire is required. For women, this means a business suit or pants suit, or dress and jacket. For men, professional dress means a business suit or a blazer, dress pants and a tie.

A list of current field trips can be found at Upcoming Events.

Field Trip Resources

Commonly used forms associated with field trips are available in the MSPE office. These forms can also be accessed online if a student wishes to fill them out in advance. Note that the signature of the academic advisor or other MSPE staff is required on these forms:

  • Instructor Excuse Form
  • Field Trip Cancellation Form
  • Intent to Divert Form
  • Consent and Waiver Form (Guest)